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Looking back on 2016

Some of you may have noticed that we have had a lot of big moments last year. Both professionally and personally. As things start to settle down and a new year is upon us. We thought it was important to take some time and reflect on 2016, and how we got to where we are now and a little on where we hope to go in this new year. 

Where to begin!  From selling almost everything we own, including a house,  moving back to Massachusetts and starting a new business from the ground up,  Not to mention getting married, planning for our future family, and photographing 20 plus weddings. We have been a bit busy.  There have been a few constants in this process, that if removed we would have seen everything fall apart.  First and foremost our families have been amazing.  Our parents especially have opened their homes to us whenever we needed. They looked after our dogs during long days down at the site and offered emotional support, often accompanied with some much-needed advice along the way.  The biggest reason we moved back to Massachusetts was to be closer to our families and have a foundation of support for these new chapters in our life and it has been the best choice we could have made.  We would hate to not mention our friends and extended families that have offered tons of support, good advice and often times a spark of motivation they probably weren’t even aware of.  So to all of you, Thank you from the bottom of our hearts and we couldn’t be more blessed.

Let’s talk about the building process for a second here.  Greg and I have (surprise) not done anything on this scale before, while I had some experience with the building process and the Berkshire wedding industry. Greg was essentially going in blind.  There are so many little details to consider, so many things that need to be planned ahead to make sure things months down the road are set in place and go smoothly.  The amount of planning that has gone into this process is immense and at times has been close to overwhelming for us.  The second constant that has saved our sanity and probably our budget this year, are the people involved in the actual construction of our dreams.  From the design and code work of Dave Westall and his team to, Bob Smith and his crew, and the dozens of other contractors, companies, and local wedding vendors who have supplied their expertise to this project…everyone has left us utterly impressed. Everyone has heard or experienced the horror stories and stress a remodel or new construction can bring. Well, you will not be hearing them from us.  Yes, there has been some change in plans along the way, and maybe some very small hiccups, but not once has the crew failed to step up and figured out a creative solution to make things work. Being able to rely on the men & women building Bloom Meadows allowed us to really focus on our wedding day. This also allowed us the necessary time to develop & market the business properly. 

Oh, did you think we might have forgotten someone?  Hmm…How about…YOU!  We cannot believe the support we have received from the community and our future brides & grooms and their families.  Without you all believing in us, spreading the word about Bloom Meadows, re-sharing our posts and trusting us with one of the biggest days of your lives. Well, things would be a lot different for us right now if you didn’t. It means more than we can honestly express in a blog post! Almost every day we look at each other and say “can you believe this!?!” We couldn’t be happier and more excited to continue on this journey and for you all to be part of it. Thank you 2016 for one of the best years of our lives.

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