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MacKenzie & Kramer's Wedding

Happy Summer!

A bit of time has passed since we last posted in our blog and we thought MacKenzie and Kramer’s wedding would be a great one to highlight for a new blog. To start, this is the first and one of the only weddings I will be photographing here at Bloom Meadows. Not only was it the first wedding I photographed at Bloom, but Greg and I grew up with MacKenzie and her family and know them well!  It was also the first time Greg was not present at a wedding, which left us feeling a bit nervous! Greg traveled to Colorado to celebrate the wedding of one of his best friend’s (congrats Jed & Boots!). Needless to say, our concerns quickly disappeared as we made sure our staff was more than prepared and they totally rocked it.

MacKenzie and Kramer live in Chicago, but decided on the Berkshires for their wedding locale, as MacKenzie grew up in Williamstown.  However, New England was a destination for many of their friends and family, especially Kramer’s side, hailing from Iowa! It was beautiful to see everyone come together for the special occasion. While we grew up with MacKenzie, we have also had the opportunity to meet Kramer a few times over the years and he is probably one of the most chill dude’s you would ever meet. Their affection toward one another, as well as the strong love they have for their friends and family really shined. These two make the perfect team together and it was a pleasure to be such a large part of their big day. We wish you all the best, MacKenzie and Kramer! It was truly amazing to share in your beautiful day!

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