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Winter to Weddings

If you have been following our blogs so far, you know that Greg and I have moved back home from North Carolina for more than one reason. Coming back to the area was something that got us both excited, but there was one big downfall.  Neither of us really enjoyed the winter. Like, at all… We despised it. Putting on layer after layer, only to still be cold was never appealing to either of us. We knew we needed to find a reason to enjoy the snow when coming back to the Berkshires. Finding an activity we enjoyed was the tricky task. Both of us hadn’t skied or snowboarded in years and we stopped having snowball fights after all the schools banned them. Soo, what else was there?  We didn’t have high hopes.

Shockingly, this winter was different. We had a choice to enjoy it or be miserable, and being miserable is never a choice. I had a few firsts. I started cross country skiing and downhill skiing. I don’t love cross country… yet. Downhill though, I loved it! A couple runs down the bunny trail and I was ready to go to the top of the mountain. Greg has not done either types in over 20 years, so his skills were lacking too. Needless to say, there was a little learning curve, but of course, he was hitting jumps and giving me anxiety in no time. I have to say though, activities we can do with our dogs always become our favorites, and snowshoeing around the trails here in Savoy with our pack was SO much fun. If any of you know anything about Savoy, you know we are in our own world up here with lots of wildlife. I saw a mountain lion, yes… a mountain lion and Greg and the dogs pretty much walked into a bear den, all ok!…That following week we took our class to get our gun license.

Bookings events and meeting with vendors did not slow down, if anything it picked up speed over the past few months. We now have over 40 weddings booked for 2017/2018 and taking inquiries for 2019 already! Seriously!? I can’t even believe I just typed that. We have also booked an amazing wedding photography workshop that will be held this weekend by Alison Marie Photography & Brooke Ellen Photography -get more information here. Next month we will have a styled shoot at Bloom, organized by the very talented Tanya Costigan Events!  All of these things, along with the excitement of building Bloom Meadows and getting to meet so many wonderful couples really made this winter our best ever! Although, after last week’s tease of 60-degree weather, we are ready for Spring now!

This past year has flown by and wedding season is pretty much here people! We couldn’t be more excited to start our first wedding season at Bloom.  If you’re not following us on Facebook and Instagram already, what are you waiting for? Especially now, with all of the pretty finish details that will all be coming together in the next few weeks:) We have also been doing a few things in the background to give our couples some more options to tailor their wedding. One of our newest partnerships is with Charlene Lambert, owner of Greylock Canine Club. For those fellow dog lovers that wish to have their dog(s) part of the big day (without the stress) Charlene is your answer!  She has put together a wedding package that allows for you to get some photos with your furry one without the stress of looking after them all day and night. If you might be interested, we recommend you reach out to her for further information. You can also check out her social media page here.  Now, we know that not everyone has a dog and that this service won’t affect your experience but, we wanted to just give a little insight to one of the things we are working on that will allow you to have your wedding just that much more customizable.

The opening of Bloom Meadows will be the result of years of planning and hard work and we couldn’t be more excited or thankful for the feedback and positive responses we have gotten from you all.  It has made a world of difference for us to know that people see what we see in the property and want to celebrate one of the most important milestones in their lives with us.

Let the love and weddings begin!

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