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Part 2: First Berkshire Wedding Season

Hi All!

I have been slacking on the blogs I know, I apologize. Where did this summer go!? Leaves are already changing and it seems like just yesterday we were prepping for our first wedding with Aubrey & Jason. We are now fourteen weddings, four corporate events, and one fundraiser deep.

Each event has been a unique experience for our team at Bloom and taught us how to operate more smoothly and has shown us different ways to take advantage of our venue and space. Knock on wood but, everything has gone very smooth so far!

While a large majority of our events are weddings, we also offer a great opportunity for companies to use our property for celebrations and corporate retreats. Most recently, 1Berkshire held their annual ‘Celebrate The Berkshires’ event here which recognized individuals whose achievements or innovations have strengthened the Berkshires. This event brought in over 300 people, which was the largest event we have held here. The trickiest part was parking, but guess who came to the rescue? You guessed it, Bob! For those of you that have not read our past blogs, Bob and his crew built Bloom and he just so happens to be our neighbor and offered his field for additional parking, thank goodness. What was the most stressful part you ask? That would be watching Greg watch the tent go up on his one-year-old lawn that he spends countless hours a week watering, mowing and maintaining. Luckily everyone, and lawn survived 📷

One very exciting opportunity we had this summer that you may have seen a few photos from, was when Dewar’s Whiskey & Bacardi hosted a glamping (fancy camping) retreat to educate their Boston area bartenders about their latest scotch offerings. Not going to lie, when we got the email from Bacardi out of Miami, we thought it was a joke. I believe Greg said, “we are being trolled, this is a scam”.  Well, I’m glad I responded! Their team was absolutely fantastic to work with, we joined forces and created a unique experience for the attendees. We worked with Hive and Fire Roasted to create a full glamping retreat. Complete with fully decked out canvas tents, Airstream bar, and cooking lessons over the fire pit.

Another event that was held here at Bloom was by, Holland Company. which Greg’s grandfather started and is based out of Adams, Ma. It was a 50th-anniversary party which was also a surprise to Greg’s father Tom and Uncle Dan! Instead of glamping, they stayed with a more traditional setup and had a nice dinner, which also was provided by Fire Roasted, and accompanied by a jazz band for dancing and entertainment. It was the same jazz band that played at their 25th-anniversary party!

If you follow us on facebook or Instagram you already know we have been hosting many weddings over the past couple months.  While we don’t always get professional photos right away to post, each celebration has had its own style that reflects the couple and all have been a joy to experience. We get to be a part of these couples’ happiest day of their lives and we feel so blessed that it’s what we do for a living! As each wedding passes we gain more and more information on what works best at Bloom, and what things we should avoid. One thing that was brought up and we thought might be an issue during construction, was the reverberation of sound in the building. Bob recommended carpet which is a good solution, but aesthetically, I wasn’t having that!  We decided to see how it was after a few events and where we needed to improve the acoustical dampening most. Bloom is a rectangle with a lot of glass and different ceiling angles resulting in echoing, which can make conversations difficult when the room is full. We met with a sound professional, Darren O’Brien from Berkshire Wedding Sound, who helped us works towards a solution, adding a substantial amount of high-quality 2-inch white acoustic paneling throughout the ceiling, that blends right in.  We have also hidden some 1 inch foam under the tables to catch some of the lower sound waves bouncing off the floor.  While 200 people will still be loud, we have noticed a substantial improvement during speeches, applause, and pre-dinner conversations.

Having a team of three dedicated staff at events along with some great caterers and vendors has really allowed us to dial things in and deliver a smooth wedding experience here at Bloom. We will continue to add media to our pages so be sure to keep checking for updates as the fall season starts! In the meantime, please enjoy and get inspired by the photos below from some of the celebrations here this season!

PS: Look out for events at Bloom Meadows this winter, including a possible New Years Eve celebration!

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